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Vanessa Smith

Impacto Latin News
New Business Development
New York, NY

Vanessa Smith-Carrillo has 8 years of media experience, after a political and environmental beginning to her career.   She currently works at Impacto Latin News, a legacy Latino media company founded in Washington Heights 47 years ago where she manages and works in every department in a true entrepreneurial fashion and is a dedicated advocate for the Latino community.

At 16 she began her university studies at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. Pursuing her passion for the environment and societal issues and the way they intersected. She studied Environmental Sociology at La Sorbonne in Paris, France, where she became ambassador for her class for “Les Verts” or the Green Party to the European Union. After completing her environmental sociology and language studies, a 180 was made- and she began studying marketing at Florida International University.  This was the beginning of many ‘caprichos’ in her career.

Working hard and relentlessly on grassroots issues in politics, Latinos, and the environment, led Vanessa to be asked to join the Kerry Presidential campaign (along several local, state, and national races) as a liaison for the DNC and the Latino community of South Florida. Her work was recognized in Broward County, leading her to become a Legislative Aide to a freshman (Whip) State Representative, at the culmination of that election season. 

She currently sits on several committees, including ELLA Institute advisory board, a proud Red Shoe Movement Ambassador, Latino Rebels Scholarship Fund,  and #LATISM13 planning committee

Recognized by:

  LULAC & Instituto Cervantes with “Women in Society 2013 Award”:

"Where we recognize women who have made a significant contribution to our culture, leadership and have transcended space of their own community through their work and continued support to the Latino within the U.S."