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Los Angeles, California
Jes Sofia Valle works in child and family psychotherapist and Social Media. Her passion is to connect companies and networks; those who support efforts are for family and children, whether it is in education, health and/or in technology (social media/Blogging). She enjoys helping as a clinician, social media person, as her Goals are to Motivate, Encourage, Educate and Help Lives.

Jes Valle has a strong background in community advocacy. She began helping seniors at the Watts Health Organization in my home community of Watts, California, followed by volunteer work at King/Drew Hospital; La Viña en Los Angeles, Inc.; McArthur Park community events and various food banks during the holidays. To then continuing to work and volunteer, helping conduct research in ADHD and HIV prevention at UCLA and event planning activities with various organizations including Children’s Hospital in Orange County, PADRE Foundation, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Cancer Society and her founding Foundation, Turning Leaves Foundation. She has been awarded for outstanding volunteer work by UCLA and recognized by the American Diabetes Association for her support in planning patient-family involvement. She continues to provide mental health services at Hathaway-Sycamores.

In Mental health, She works with in Home Services as a Clinician Intervener who provides clinical services to youth/young adults and families through assessment, planning, and implementation of mental health services based on the needs of the youth/young adult and family and the guiding principles of the agency’s philosophy of strength based, family focused, needs driven and culturally competent in their home.

In Social Media, She works with the Health Market, Health Advocacy, Service and civic engagement, Social Responsibility, Social Awareness and Social Advocacy, Mental Health Advocacy, and Community Health Advocacy through Bloggers of Health. She has experience with Campaigns and Brands such as, Ford Motor , and Center for Disease Control, along with The Obama campaign, The Hispanic DNC social media and currently working as part of the Champion for Coverage team with Health and Human Services to help inform about the Affordable Care Act.

Personally, she likes to travel and loves to cook! And Loves her Dog! She is Very much devoted to friends and family. When she’s home, she enjoys interior design. Finally, she firmly believes that everything happens for many reasons, not just one.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BloggersOfHealth
Twitter: @JesSofiaValle @BloggerofHealth
Website: www.bloggersofhealth.com

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