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I work with some of the smartest people in EdTech, and I'm fortunate to call a lot of them my friends. When I was kid growing up in Milwaukee I wanted to be an explorer; then I became an expat, a salesman, a data-junkie, and a venture capitalist. Today,it’s all about creating an incredible technology product that will change the way the world learns languages. I love staggering challenges and working with brilliant people to find creative solutions. My favorite word in another language is polola. ¿Cachai?

Voxy is the only language learning program that is based 100% on your real-life daily activities.

By using mobile technology and gaming mechanics, Voxy turns the media that you consume, the conversations that you have, and the activities you do into powerful contextual language lessons that are available anytime, anywhere. Voxy is currently focused on teaching English to Spanish and Portuguese speakers, but is rapidly expanding into new markets and new languages to reach the billions of language learners across the globe.