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Nelly Maseda, MD

Montefiore Medical Center
Pediatrician, Author
New York, NY
Nelly Maseda was born and raised in Washington Heights, Dominican Mother, Cuban father. Left to raise three children by herself, her two older brothers dropped out of our local public high school. Dr. Maseda attended Aquinas High School in the South Bronx, went onto Cornell University and Einstein Medical School. She has been practicing pediatrics for twenty five years, serving a predominantly Latino community of beautiful hard working families in the Bronx treating a variety of medical conditions from autism, to infectious diseases.   The spectrum of mental illness and the violence that too often ensues as a result, is the condition claiming many of our young lives, and robbing children of the opportunity to grow up free from fear and the toxic effects of post trauma. Psychiatric disease afflicting her mother, two brothers and other relatives, having high penetrance in that family, Dr. Maseda now serves patients growing up in similar conditions like own childhood. Breaking open the resistance, sometimes the taboo against seeking help for afflictions of the psycho-emotional state is crucial in order to raise our next generation of successful leaders, and is an integral part of her medical practice. In her book, "Strangers In The Night" the tragedy of denial of such mental states is described in her personal memoir.  A description, in this book, of a new area of infant brain development, "Toxic Stress" and the science of brain development offers hope in connecting the inter-relationship of hard science, behavioral outcomes, and ways to protect the intellectual potential of our innocents, our children.

Strangers In the Night available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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