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Anthony Acevedo

Lowenstein Sandler LLP
New York
As a member of Lowenstein Sandler's Tech Group, I believe in supporting and rooting for a client. Whether its an entrepreneur, start-up, established business or investor; whether I'm guiding them through unfamiliar and complex legal challenges, or telling them what I think about their name, app or logo; I believe in helping them think through issues so that they make the best possible decisions and put themselves in the best possible position to succeed. I believe in collaborating for successful outcomes for all stakeholders - it doesn't need to be a zero-sum game. I believe in focusing on the big picture, but I also believe that the little things matter. The little things often define and reinforce the big picture - and they also provide opportunities to be creative and even have fun. I enjoy doing what I believe - and, when I'm advising a fellow Latino, it's all the more enjoyable!